Principles of Health Science Technology
Principles of Health Science Technology is designed to give an overview of the therapeutic, diagnostic, environmental, and information systems of the health care industry. The course focuses on health careers, exploration, leadership development, ethical and legal responsibilities, the history of health care and the economics of health care. Students will develop a concept of health and wellness from the perspective of a health consumer as well as a potential health professional.

Teacher: Ms. Karen Fangman, R.N

Assignments for Introduction to Health Science Technology Education will include the following:

Vocabulary: The language of medicine is a vital component of every course in Health Science Technology and any study of medicine. Recognizing this fact, weekly vocabulary words will be a part of the course and will be graded on a weekly basis. Written instructions for completing and submitting vocabulary words each week will be found under the vocabulary heading.

Quizzes: There will be periodic quizzes as a part of HSTE. These quizzes may be announced or unannounced. Students should expect a quiz every week or two weeks. These quizzes will be relatively short in scope and will cover a small amount of information recently studied in class. All quizzes will be completed online using the Class Moodle Website.

Student Laptops: This year all HHS students are issued their own Apple Macbook computer. Students are expected to bring their computer to class EVERY DAY, charged and ready to go. Failure to bring a computer will be dealt with according to HHS Laptop Discipline Policy.

Tests: We will have at least two Major Test each Six Week's Grading Period. The test will usually cover the material covered during that six weeks as well as material previously covered, which would make the test a comprehensive test. Test questions will usually come from questions students have seen during the course of quizzes taken. If possible, all tests will be completed online using the Class Moodle Website

Six Weeks Projects: Six weeks projects will be assigned most six weeks grading period. Some of these projects will be completed individually and some of the projects will be completed as a part of a small group. Six weeks projects will be assigned a Test Grade. Projects will be evaluated by the teacher during the course of the project to make sure that the project is being completed. A rubric will be used to grade each project. The rubric will provide a way of objectively evaluating how the student's project corresponds to the written instructions. Each student will be provided with a rubric and a rubric for each project will be available online.

Semester Tests: Taking of the semester test is determined by Hereford School Policy. If a student is required to take a Semester Test it will be taken online in the Class Moodle Website.

Late Assignments: As said in the previous paragraph, assignments for Principles of Health Science will be due at various times during the course of the semester.. Assignments will be accepted late under the following guidelines: 1 day late will reduce your grade by 30 points (Maximum grade 70).

Absences: If a student is absent on the day that an assignment is due the assignment will be due on the day they return.

School Supplies: Although at the high school level we seem to forget about school supplies. We will ask students to bring either 1 bottle of waterless hand sanitizer and 1 box of Kleenex or 1 ream of paper so that we may occasionally print out necessary papers for class.

Ms. Karen Fangman, R.N.
806-363-7704 – CT&E Office